Exploring the Benefits of Electronic Documentation


From the typewriter turning into the keyboard, to the notebook and pen turning into the tablet, it seems like there is a new technological advancement being utilized for mundane daily tasks every time we turn around. In today’s office environment, keyboards and tablets have become the new normal.

So, why are employees still stuck on paper documentation? The reliability? The sticky notes stuck to their computer screen to make sure they call that certain member back? Electronic documentation has enveloped the industry, turning these sticky notes into calendar reminders and the pile of paper on the corner of your desk into a folder on your desktop.

Let’s cover a few reasons that you should look at adopting some electronic documentation into your daily processes.


In today’s workplace, some sort of work-from-home option has become popular for a lot of employers. Because of this widespread change, electronic documentation has had to become a new “normal” for some.

With employees having the flexibility of working remotely, electronic documentation allows them to have access to reports, files, etc. that would have otherwise been inaccessible while outside of the office. Things like shared folders located on an internal network allow employees to share documents while in different places.

Overall, electronic documentation is creating new accessibility options for both members and employees.


From a security standpoint, electronic documentation offers many more options to ensure that you and your member’s data remain confidential. Things like internal network security, firewalls, two-factor authentication, and secure email technology all help to ensure this data remains secure.

Unfortunately, none of this is applicable if the data is not electronic. Data on paper can be lost, viewed in passing by potentially unauthorized personnel, or, unfortunately, stolen. Companies are thinking of new ways to keep their network and electronic data secure every day. Why not take advantage of that with as much data as possible?

Member experience

In addition to assisting employees, electronic documentation can also help boost your member’s experience. New products are being created every day that take advantage of this new technology and pass along its benefits to your members. New products like e-signature and online account opening are examples of products that utilize electronic documentation and help boost your member’s experience.

Small steps equal big changes

While transitioning towards electronic documentation can seem like a big change, there are many different benefits that can have a substantial impact on both your credit union and your membership. Things like additional accessibility options, great security benefits, and member experience benefits are just a few of the great things that this change can offer.

Interested in moving forward with this switch? Start small! For example, choose one document that you usually save a paper copy of, and change to saving it in a folder on your desktop. This one small change will get you going down the path of electronic documentation.

Once you get comfortable with that, start adding more documents to your electronic documentation routine. Instead of bringing something to a co-worker for approval, try using a shared folder to keep it electronic. Small steps like these can help ensure a smooth transition towards utilizing electronic documentation in your daily processes.


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