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What is CUSO Magazine?

CUSO Magazine delivers relevant, timely news and insights to the credit union industry. CUSO Magazine approaches stories with the mindset that we want to bring something new with our information and create a sense of intrigue for the reader to want to learn more.

What is CUSO Magazine looking for? 

CUSO Magazine wants all kinds of articles. We’re looking for writers who will write interesting stories that our audience values. Writers should ask themselves three questions before submitting. Is it interesting? Is it worth reading? Does it connect to the credit union industry? If those answers are yes, we want the story for CUSO Magazine. Interviews, investigative pieces, editorials, etc. are all welcome.

Does your credit union have a press release you’d like shared through CUSO Magazine? Pass them along! We may choose to run your press release or follow up with you for a feature article!

What happens if I submit a story?

After sending it in using the form below, our editors will review it to determine if the topic fits our audience. We will then make any needed edits to the piece, follow up with you for further details if necessary, and publish the story on our website.

What if I have a story idea but don’t want to write?

That’s okay, CUSO Magazine would love to hear your idea! Feel free to submit one below! If there’s a topic you’d really like to see us cover, let us know and we’ll do our best to provide that content.

How long will my article be published? 

CUSO Magazine reserves the right to remove published articles for any reason at the editors’ discretion.

To submit your article for consideration, please fill out the form below. If you have further questions, please visit our contact page.

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