Managing Social Media During a Core Conversion


If your credit union utilizes any social media platforms and you’re undertaking a core conversion (or any major technology upgrade for that matter), then this article is for you! Planning, organizing, executing, and monitoring social media activities and campaigns during the conversion process is an important part of the overall management of that project.

Plan your content weeks before the conversion

Conversion social media project management can encompass a wide range of tasks like content creation, scheduling, and user engagement. Depending upon the tools at your disposal, for some, it could even include analytics and reporting.

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, or ALL of them, consistent posting is the key to maintaining an engaged following during this critical time. Developing a well-planned content calendar can be vital in order to maintain a regular posting schedule and audience engagement.

We recommend organizing and visualizing your content plan including the types of posts (graphics/images, text, videos, or links), posting frequency, and ideal publication times. The content calendar or timeline will assist you in scheduling posts, stories, videos, etc. which will enable your credit union to achieve optimal visibility and engagement from your published content.

Creating a timeline

By now you’re probably wondering when your credit union should communicate and what you should be communicating. The sample timeline below outlines key timeframes and our top suggestions for content which has been successfully implemented by many of your peers.

Initially, it may seem like more questions than answers, but these are all valid questions your members will pose and will need answers to. Provide those answers and before you know it your content begins to take shape. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from your core partner project manager to obtain this information. In fact, we prefer to verify it for accuracy prior to posting!

45-60 days prior to the live date

We recommend starting to update social media banners/graphics. Don’t communicate too much too soon though! Keep it simple to start with a “Coming Soon” teaser or by announcing the upgrade date.

30 days prior to the live date

Now is the time to start communicating important information regarding the upgrade, especially the timeline. What online services will be impacted and when? What is changing? What is staying the same? Do you have an Upgrade Guide to publish? It is also a great time to start touting any new benefits or enhancements resulting from the upgrade.

15 days prior to the live date

This is the ideal time to reiterate the steps your members can take to prepare. Will their debit or credit card access be impacted and should they prepare to have extra cash on hand? Are their eStatements converting or should they print and archive them ahead of time?

3 to 5 days prior to the live date

The week leading up to your live date is the perfect time to post reminders. Suggested content for this period includes things like “Coming this week,” or “Reminder of branch closures and limited services.”

Live day and week

The day has finally arrived! Content should shift to “welcoming” the upgrade and highlighting any new and improved services or features it brings. Continue to provide updates as services come online like Online Banking, Bill Pay, Mobile App, and Mobile Deposit Capture.

You should also consider posting “how to” videos for new self-service features. Is your CEO or other team member a natural on camera? Now may be the perfect time for a Facebook Live or Tik Tok to ramp up excitement for the big day!

Post conversion

Following a major system upgrade, social media platforms are inevitably often used as a member service channel, with your members reaching out for support and information.

Engagement with your social media users may be at an all-time high in the weeks following your upgrade. It is very important that someone is managing these inquiries, assigning them to the appropriate team members, and ensuring timely responses.

Use all available resources!

We know there are thousands of details that factor into managing a core conversion successfully and with the ever-increasing popularity of social media platforms, proper management has solidified a place on that list. We hope you’ve found valuable insights and tips to effectively manage your social media efforts to ensure you reap the full benefits of these powerful marketing tools during this crucial time for your credit union and your members.

Remember, your project managers are there to help—ask them to share samples or success stories. Some organizations may even have teams to help you create your content and publication schedule or even do it for you!


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