Website Design: Learning From Others


In the competitive landscape of the financial sector, credit unions often find themselves navigating the balance between innovation and tradition. One area where this tension frequently arises is in website design and features.

Some may be hesitant to adopt ideas from other credit unions, however, there are compelling reasons why it’s not only acceptable but also beneficial to study and adapt concepts from peers.

Know where the line is

When taking inspiration from another credit union’s website, it’s perfectly fine to replicate page layouts or interfaces within the website such as a button to download the credit union app for both Apple/Android devices or a chat option that allows users to ask quick questions to an AI or live chat with an employee at the credit union.

Be aware of where the line is, though. Plagiarism will start when replicating methods or taking text directly from other websites, whereas using the foundation and skeleton of features credit unions have on their website to build on would fall under borrowing concepts. Here are a few reasons why credit unions should learn from the success of other credit union websites.

Embracing collaboration and community

Credit unions share a common fundamentally rooted goal in community and collaboration. Unlike traditional banks, credit unions prioritize member satisfaction and community impact over profit margins. In this spirit of cooperation, borrowing website ideas from fellow credit unions strengthens the collective goal of the credit union movement.

Utilizing best practices

Successful credit unions invest in research and development to understand the evolving needs of their members. By observing and replicating features that have proven effective on other credit union websites, institutions can leverage industry best practices without reinventing the wheel.

Whether it’s intuitive navigation, mobile responsiveness, or interactive tools, learning from successful models accelerates the adoption of user-friendly designs.

Identity and values

While borrowing ideas from other credit unions is encouraged, it’s essential to customize and infuse them with the institution’s unique identity and values. Every credit union has its own brand voice, member demographics, and organizational culture.

By adapting borrowed concepts to align with these distinctive attributes, credit unions can create authentic and engaging online experiences that resonate with their members.

Continuous improvement

Innovation thrives in an environment that embraces experimentation and continuous improvement. By openly acknowledging the inspiration drawn from other credit unions, institutions can foster a culture of learning and adaptation.

Rather than viewing imitation as a sign of weakness, credit unions can celebrate the creativity and ingenuity behind successful website features and seek opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Better together

In the digital age, credit unions must prioritize user experience and online accessibility to remain competitive in an ever-evolving landscape. While originality is valued, there is no shame in adopting ideas from other credit unions’ websites.

By embracing collaboration, leveraging best practices, tailoring designs to unique identities, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, credit unions can create compelling online experiences that resonate with members and strengthen the fabric of the cooperative movement.


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