The Summit Federal Credit Union Announces Its New Secured Visa Credit® Card


New card offers members of The Summit a way to establish, rebuild, or boost their credit.

October 4, 2022. Rochester, N.Y. –  The Summit Federal Credit Union (The Summit) is excited to announce that it has added a secured credit card to its Visa® Credit Card portfolio. This newest addition offers members of The Summit, as well as potential members, a way to establish, rebuild, or boost their credit.

The Secured Visa® Credit Card is perfect for members who are just starting out and have no credit history, such as teens and students; those who have limited credit; and those who have less-than-perfect credit or have recently gone through financial problems and need to rebuild their credit.

Applying for The Summit Secured Visa® Credit Card is easy and there’s no annual fee. The card is secured with a refundable cash deposit into a savings account to get started. The user makes everyday purchases, pays their bill on time, and starts raising their personal credit score.

“By offering a secured credit card, we are helping more members build, and in many cases, rebuild their credit history,” said Mark Gregory, Vice President of Lending. “Stronger credit will give our members the purchasing power they need to buy a home, a car, or attend college. This new product is in direct response to our members who have been asking for a secured card for some time.”

The Summit is continuously developing new products that will help their members achieve their financial goals. Learn more about the Secured Visa Credit Card by visiting The Summit’s website.


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