Top Five Reasons Your Credit Union Should Be Using Online Forms


Online forms are both a great way for members to submit information to the credit union on their own time, as well as a great way for credit unions to quickly create an online form to request data from the member. Online forms can be created for things such as a member requesting a credit limit increase, stating their intent to travel with their plastics, having members register for an annual meeting, or even referring a friend over to the credit union.

Credit unions should list their online forms within their online banking navigation and in their credit union mobile app—the more areas these forms are available, the more members you will be able to reach. Once these requests are submitted, the credit union will need to have staff to help fulfill all these members’ requests.

Know what your members call for

One of the top ways that credit unions can use online forms is for determining what members are calling the credit union for and then creating online forms for these types of requests. With these requests, there is no time being wasted with the member waiting on the phone system, and could potentially help limit paper forms and other associated costs.

It’s convenient for your members

With an online form, members can select a time that best suits them to complete the form. Whether it is 2 A.M. for your late-night members or at 5 P.M. the next day, members have the option to complete these forms on their schedule. This also gives users further time to be able to provide further detail that they might not have been able to explain over the phone and could also be a chance to provide further documentation or screenshots.

You can create an online store

With online forms listed via your credit union website, I like to think of this as starting your credit union online store. You have determined items that members are calling the credit union for, now create these as products via your credit union website. When I visit Amazon online I can place orders, request assistance, as well as submit reviews—credit unions can also create this same experience with online forms—being able to create products that members can submit for, forms that members can use to request help, and a form for testimonial submissions.

Increased options in online and mobile banking

Online forms give members more options within online banking and your mobile app, making it a one-stop-shop for the credit union with members being able to request the same products and services they can via your credit union website. One of the nice features of online forms being listed within the online banking or mobile app is that the member has authenticated using their credentials, which is somewhat of a verification step for credit unions knowing that it was the member logging in and making these requests.

Streamlining their membership opening or application process

For credit unions that offer a membership opening or application online, custom online forms give credit unions the option to obtain further information from the member without having the member come into a branch. Once again, this creates a one-stop-shop for brand new members that are having their first experience with the credit union. This creates an easy way for the credit union to follow up with the member by dropping them an email.

Getting started

Deciding how and when to use these forms is something that the credit union will need to take time to determine, as we talked about above starting with why members are calling the credit union. Your credit union will also need to take the time to determine where you would like to list these forms and what fields you want to make optional or required for members to complete. You know your membership best, so it’s up to you to create a system that works for them.


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