Planning Your Mobile App Strategy: Why It’s Important for Your Credit Union


I remember getting my first mobile device roughly around 10th grade. Though it was less of a cell phone and more of a “brick” phone (flip-phones were still a distant dream of the future), I thought it was the coolest thing ever. From that point on, I always had my cell phone with me. For me, it was a way to contact friends, and for my parents, it was a way to keep in touch with me and know where I was. This constant connection has only multiplied over time. Modern-day consumers have their mobile devices on them at all times, constantly checking them for updates and news. In order for you to stay connected with your members, it’s important to have an aggressive mobile app strategy.

You made it, so now promote it

A credit union’s number one priority when it comes to their mobile app should be to promote and advertise it. After all, what good is your app if your members don’t know it exists? Add links to your website directing members to the Apple & Android app stores to view your mobile app from both your desktop and mobile version of your website.

Credit unions can also do in-lobby promotions, notifying and reminding members that services they offer in the branch are also available via the mobile app – this could assist in lowering the credit union’s operating expenses for that branch. Send out frequent email campaigns around features in the mobile app; credit unions often send out quarterly emails notifying members about new features or an existing feature that might not be used as much.

Update content regularly 

Once your mobile app has been advertised, your credit union should always verify you have the most recent content available. This could include updating your credit union advertising within the mobile app on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, or switching up the items that members are seeing within the mobile app. Your website’s most viewed page should be the app’s home page, and it’s helpful to include the most recent product launched or an important message that you want to reach your members quickly. Within your mobile app, it is essential that your members know where within the mobile app the features are located, as commonly with the “kitchen sink” mobile app, some features may get lost. Credit unions should use all customization options to the fullest.

Keep your members notified

Once you have your content updated to the most recent promotions, remind your members that to get new versions of the mobile app, they need to review their updated apps or visit the app store to see the updates. Once a new mobile app version is released, you can send a notification out to your members, letting them know to look out for the update, as well as the new features that would be available within the mobile app.

An aggressive mobile app strategy gives members full control over their finances and gives them the ability to access their finances on a 24/7 basis. The newer, younger credit union members are expecting credit unions to take on an aggressive mobile app strategy to fit their on-the-go lifestyle, so make sure you’re ready to meet those expectations.


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