Top 10 CUSO Magazine Articles of 2023


The CUSO Mag team is here wishing you a Happy New Year! As we kick off 2024, we look back on the year behind us and the top 10 most read articles of 2023. So grab a cup of coffee and be sure to read all the best articles you might have missed! And a hearty thank you from all of us at CUSO Magazine for your ongoing support and interest in our publication!

1. What Do This Weekend’s Bank Failures Mean for Credit Unions? by Chip Filson

Over the weekend banking regulators closed two banks, the $206 billion Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the $110.4 billion Signature Bank in New York. The precipitating events were runs by depositors. In each bank over 90% of depositor funds exceeded the FDIC’s $250,000 (read more…)

2. Explaining Liquidity in Credit Unions by Esteban Camargo

It’s Financial Literacy Month and it is not just for your members. All month I will be breaking down some commonly seen and not always understood financial and economic concepts as we learn a little more about how our industry ticks. To kick the festivities off this year, let’s (read more…)

3. Leadership Topics: The Secret of Employee Empowerment by Alycia Meyers

Appreciation. Gratitude. Trust. This series has explored many topics that circle around the same subject: how to lead in a way that makes your business into the best it can be. Not just in terms of output and revenue, but in terms of satisfaction in the place we spend the majority (read more…)

4. Even More Ratios to Understand Your Credit Union’s Performance by Esteban Camargo

Here we are at the conclusion of another Financial Literacy Month. Last year, I took a look at some key ratios C-Suite executives track to understand their credit union’s financial and operational standing. These included growth of “SLAM”, cost of funds, capital and net worth (read more…)

5. How to Effectively Use Social Media to Support Financial Literacy by Vivian Colligan

Financial Literacy Month is upon us and now is the time to help your members (and future members) really think about their finances. Did you know that according to Ramsey Solutions, nearly 80% of U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck, and 40% of Americans are not (read more…)

6. Why Credit Unions Should Offer Interest Only Loans by Shivan Perera

Credit unions have long been a staple in local markets serving communities that have been historically underserved by traditional financial institutions. Like banks, credit unions accept deposits, make loans, and provide a wide array of other financial services, but they do (read more…)

7. The Question of Board Compensation by Emily Claus

Board compensation has been a complex and extremely controversial issue for decades. While unheard of and illegal at one point, the idea is growing in popularity and legality across the country, sparking debate from many who argue that compensation is not only unethical but (read more…)

8. How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Are Being Used By Credit Unions in 2023 by Adine Deford

Since the dawn of time as we know it, credit unions have struggled to find candidates for board seats. Maybe it hasn’t been that bad. In fact, many credit unions have shown tremendous success in cultivating an interested pool of board candidates, and generating hotly contested (read more…)

9. Credit Unions’ Role in an Increasingly Cashless Society by Esteban Camargo

A cursory search of the web will find you any number of articles signaling the doom of cash in society. The pandemic in particular ushered in a sizeable shift in how cash is used as shutdowns forced consumers online for purchases and away from in-person transactions. (read more…)

10. Typography: The Art of Designing Text by Vivian Colligan

When people think of graphic design or typography the phrase I see more often than not is “make it look pretty.” As a graphic designer, I pride myself on making text look good, but most of my daily job is making text readable and understandable. This comes down to using the (read more…)


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