America’s Credit Unions Officially Launches


The credit union industry is already off to a great start in 2024. On the first day of the new year, America’s Credit Unions—a new credit union advocacy group formed from the merger of CUNA and NAFCU—was officially and legally established.

The intention to form the new group was announced back in August, when President and CEO of CUNA, Jim Nussle, and NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger, shared their hopes that the organization would create new opportunities for credit unions and cited that the industry—now under 5,000 credit unions—could no longer sustain two major advocacy groups.

“By bringing together these two powerful credit union associations we are doubling down on our commitment to ensure the growth and prosperity of all credit unions across the nation and the 137 million Americans they serve,” said Nussle. “We look forward to uniting CUNA and NAFCU in what will be an exciting new chapter ahead, and we’re thrilled about the opportunities this will create for our members, employees, and business partners.”

“Both CUNA and NAFCU have worked together over the years to achieve victories for the credit union industry, and now the sky is the limit. I believe this is the best path forward for the industry,” said Berger. “A new, singular association under Jim’s fervent leadership will be able to harness the combined talent of both organizations to provide outstanding value to our members and ensure every household in America has the best credit union to serve them.”

Gary Grinnell and Lisa Ginter certify CUNA and NAFCU merger.

The merger was approved in November, and on December 29th, 2023, NAFCU Board of Directors Chair Gary Grinnell and CUNA Board of Directors Chair Lisa Ginter signed documents to certify the merger.

Jim Nussle is slated to lead the new organization, which aims to be fully operational by 2025.

Back in December, Nussle shared the names of America’s Credit Unions’ leadership team:

  • Jill Tomalin, Executive Vice President: Tomalin has more than 30 years of experience within the credit union industry, including two decades of expertise leading high-performing teams, and currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at CUNA. Tomalin will oversee Membership & Engagement, Communications & Marketing, Operations & Finance, and Association Services.
  • Carrie Hunt, Chief Advocacy Officer: In this role, Hunt will report directly to Nussle as advocacy is central to the mission of America’s Credit Unions. Hunt has 20 years of experience in consumer finance and financial services law, credit union regulations, and association lobbying, and currently serves as President and CEO of the Virginia Credit Union League.
  • Anthony Demangone, Chief Membership & Engagement Officer: Demangone has served the credit union industry for more than two decades and brings with him significant compliance and legal expertise. Demangone currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at NAFCU and worked to transform key association functions to improve the member experience, including IT, education, marketing, member benefits, and more.
  • Eddie Rivera, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer: Rivera has served the credit union industry for nearly 30 years and brings a deep understanding of business operations, including the importance of collaborative relationships with external partners and internal departments. Rivera currently serves as Chief Financial Officer at CUNA.
  • Meghan Burris Small, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer: Small has more than a decade of experience in financial services and regulatory policy communications. Small combines her media relations expertise with data-driven insights and consumer engagement strategies to execute effective communications campaigns. Small currently serves as Vice President of Communications and Media Relations at NAFCU.
  • Todd Spiczenski, Chief Association Services Officer: Spiczenski has more than 30 years of experience in credit union member services. Spiczenski is passionate about building strong partnerships and implementing offerings that help individuals’ professional development, strengthen teams’ performances and enhance credit unions’ operations. Spiczenski currently serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Products and Services Officer at CUNA.

Nussel is expected to provide further details on contact information, resources, and more soon. Additionally, America’s Credit Union’s newsletter will begin on January 3rd and interested credit unions can subscribe here to stay apprised of progress.


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