The Dakota Credit Union Association Licenses the Try a Credit Union Campaign


Lansing, Mich.  — Feb. 15, 2024 — For over 20 years, Michigan has produced a cooperative marketing campaign to help build awareness for credit unions throughout the state. In August 2022, the Michigan Credit Union League revamped messaging and launched the credit union awareness website,, and campaign, “Credit unions. For real. For your future.” The campaign is focused on the older Gen Z and younger millennial population (18-39 years old).

MCUL chose to focus on this audience because, first, Michigan credit unions were sharing that growing young members was a priority and because Gen Z consumers represent a remarkable $360 billion in buying power. And by 2034, at 78 million strong, they will be the largest generation of US consumer spenders ever. Together with millennials, they will have potential spending power of $60 trillion in inherited wealth.

In 2023, the campaign garnered about 107 million impressions and nearly 639,000 clicks on the website. On social media, 22.5 million viewers watched the campaign videos to completion. The success of the 2023 campaign led to MCUL expanding the reach of their Try a Credit Union campaign through a licensing partnership with the Dakota Credit Union Association. Through this agreement, the Dakota Credit Union Association will expand credit union awareness in both North and South Dakota through shared assets across social media, digital banners and streaming platforms.

“The Dakota Credit Union Association is thrilled to partner with the Michigan Credit Union League to further advance our credit union awareness efforts across North and South Dakota through their Try a Credit Union initiative,” said Jeff Olson, President/CEO of the Dakota Credit Union Association. “Over the past decade, our association has seen increasing success in consumer awareness and consideration of credit unions as the best financial option; and for nearly 20 years, Michigan has demonstrated outstanding success with their awareness efforts. This partnership will bring Dakota credit union awareness to the next level – ensuring that future members, and all generations of consumers, have the information to make the best choices for themselves and their families, helping to secure their financial dreams.”

MCUL has nearly 60% credit union membership participation, surpassing the national average of 41%. Along with raising credit union awareness with the public, the Try a Credit Union campaign also doubles as an advocacy tool with local and national legislators.

“We’re excited to partner with the Dakota Credit Union Association and bring our Gen Z-focused campaign to the Dakotas. Expanding Try a Credit Union will continue our goal of raising awareness of the credit union difference to additional areas of the country,” said MCUL President/CEO Patty Corkery. “It’s through the years of engagement that we have seen from credit unions here in Michigan that have made this campaign a success. It is a great time for leagues to double-down on the credit union story and mission.”


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