MCUL Supports CUNA and NAFCU Merger 


Lansing, Mich.  — Aug. 1, 2023 — The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) was excited to learn of the intent to merge our strong national associations – CUNA and NAFCU – to form America’s Credit Unions. The League is pleased that our entire credit union family has been notified of the planned merger with the new entity to be led by CUNA CEO Jim Nussle.

State leagues have always worked towards and supported a united league system with our state and national league working together with one voice. Bringing in NAFCU, which we know is supported by several credit unions in our Michigan community, will amplify and make strong our “one voice.” With advocacy at the heart of what we do for our credit unions, combining NAFCU with the power behind CUNA and state league voices will make our one voice louder and stronger.

“I congratulate both the CUNA and NAFCU boards and management on their hard work thus far with the best interests of credit unions at the center of the intent to merge,” said MCUL President/CEO Patty Corkery. “We look forward to the opportunities for MCUL to engage, support and partner with the combined entity and are excited about the benefits America’s Credit Unions will bring to our Michigan credit union community.”


About Michigan Credit Union League

The Michigan Credit Union League(MCUL) is headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. It enjoys 100% affiliation among its 193 member credit unions that serve 59% of Michigan’s population with 5.95 million members and total assets of $98 billion.


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